Danny J. Williams



Hi there, I'm Danny.

I'm a digital product designer designer based in Toronto specializing in user experience and user interface design. I work with teams to understand problems at a fundamental level, test assumptions, prototype solutions and create things people love.

Having an interest in design as a child, I started off on a journey to become an architect. Along the way I fell in love with commerce because it offered so many opportunities to creatively solve problems. Now, with a background in Entrepreneurship and Management, I’ve had the opportunity to build companies of my own and lead teams of designers and developers to create products and services for people around the world.

“Danny is a natural leader, who goes above and beyond to achieve goals. As a Venture for Canada Fellow, I've seen his determination, and passion for achieving results. Danny works extremely well with others, and will have a career to watch.”
- Scott Stirrett | Founder and Executive Director, Venture for Canada

My approach is always to evaluate challenges from the ground up, build understanding and promote great ideas.

I'm always keen to hear about new problems and ideas. So get in touch!

Let's do cool stuff together.